Company Profile

profileJKW Properties, Inc. is a Professional Property Management firm located in Culver City, California. Property Management is our only business so we can give your properties the kind of single-minded attention that your investments deserve. Our management is tailored to your individual goals. We provide your properties with complete management, leasing, and maintenance services.

All of JKW Properties, Inc. property supervisors are licensed Real Estate Agents or Brokers.

We currently have two Certified Property Managers® on staff. Our property supervisors and assistant property supervisors have a combined total of forty-two years’ experience in Property Management.

Our Leasing Agents have a combined total of twenty-seven years of leasing expertise.

Our property supervisors, assistant property supervisors, accounting staff, leasing staff and administrative staff are all experienced and dependable.

Our supervisor staff will see that your properties will reach their full profit potential.